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Key Business Model Canvas Resources: What to Include?

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The key resources section of the business model canvas is crucial but difficult to define. Small and early-stage ventures may need clarification about what to include here.

Let’s get started.

Key business model canvas resources?

Key resources are the assets necessary for your business model.

They list all the valuable items you’ll need to fulfill your target customers’ value proposition.

If you’re selling online, you need a website, hosting, and E-commerce infrastructure!

If you run a B2B consulting company, your key resources may be your team of expert consultants and some specialized software or equipment.

Tips for your key resources section

How can you realize your value proposition?
Your business model needs what?
What do you need to run your business model?
Tie your key resources to your business’s core value proposition to check off your most valuable assets. Especially if you’re projecting forward to a future value proposition or considering a venture that doesn’t yet exist, start by imagining a future where you’re delivering on your value proposition perfectly, then picture the assets you’d need to do so.

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Common key resources

When brainstorming your business’ key resources, consider these larger categories.

Strategyzer says:

Physical assets
IP rights
Bonus: Digital
Details below.

Physical assets

Physical resources include infrastructure, equipment, real estate, delivery vehicles, inventory, and anything else made of atoms.

Physical resources include:

A retail store needs shelves, products, and registers; Deliveroo needs bicycles, uniforms, and packaging materials; and a manufacturing business needs a factory, tools, and raw materials.

IP rights

Intellectual property is increasingly valuable in online business. This includes patents, copyrights, and other legal protections for your products or processes. It includes your brand, proprietary software and systems, and business-related data warehouses.

Human resources

People power is your HR. This could be your in-house experts, contractors, or even you if you’re a solopreneur.

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Financial means

This could include grants, loans, investments, or cash. Invoices or accounts receivable are other financial resources if you sell on credit.

Some business models require more capital, so being clear about the financial resources needed upfront (and throughout) is essential. If you run out of cash, everything will end quickly, even if all other forecasts and projections are correct.

Online tools

I added this for modern online businesses. Consider the digital resources deployed (and secured) as your business model develops.

Such as:

SEO/digital real estate: You own how much of digital search? What are your realistic winnings?

Virality: Do you have assets or channels that are naturally viral?
Automation: If manufacturing facilities and systems are key physical resources, thinking through areas of your business’s digital knowledge processes that can be automated can be a key digital resource in your business model.

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